Membrane Filter Plates

The Membrane filter plates are the technological development of the recessed plates. These elements come with variable chamber depth which is adjusted depending upon the filterability and quality of slurries to be treated. Mixed pack membranes are the most common & cost effective configuration where the membrane and recessed plates are set alternatively so every second plate is provided with flexible and replaceable filter face of rubber on both the side. This configuration allows variable chamber depth through membrane squeezing. These plates are mainly used to increase the cake dryness (reduce moisture content), shorten filtration, effective washing and discharge time and they are achieve by inflating the flexible membrane diaphragm filter face, contrary to conventional plates. For inflation of membrane generally water or air pressure is used by pumping in the squeezing chamber.

The replaceable membrane are either from Rubber or EP family which has great advantage of elasticity gives extreme deflection of membrane so the final cake receive the consistent high dryness.

Due to Squeezing process the Membrane Plates offers following advantages.
– Reduction in Moisture content in the final filter cake
– Reduction in Filtration, Washing as well discharge time.
– Reduction of washing liquid consumption due to more homogeneous cake structure.
– Increased Uniformity in dewatering of the filter cake.
– Improvement in cake release from the filter press.
– Saving in filtration process cost and time.

Membrane plates are available with center, top center and corner feed designs for up to 16 bar operating pressure.


 SIZE (mm) 
Closed Configuration
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Top Hole
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Central Hole
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Bottom Hole
StayBoss : 4 on Both Side
Feeding: From Top Hole ,
Central Hole , Bottom Hole
StayBoss : 6 on Both Side
Feeding: From Top Hole
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Corner Hole
StayBoss: 0 or 1 on Both Side
Feeding: From External Top Central Hole
Membrane Type : Replaceable – Material of EP / Rubber
  Regular Production