recessed filter plates

Recessed Filter Plates

The recessed filter plates are the successor of Filter plate and frames. There are 2 basic configuration of Recessed filter plates: Open Discharge & Close Discharge. In both the configuration the chamber depth is definitive.

In the Open Configuration plates, filtrate discharges to be either a adaptable Bib or spigot on one side or both the side of the plates. In this type of design the discharged filtrate can be visible from each plate and can identify torn filter cloth or other retention problem.
The Closed configuration plates, discharges filtrate either from 0 to 4 corners or adapted external outlets. Holes in the corner shaped into tunnel or pipe in the series of plates and discharged filtrate are collected at the feed end of the filter press. For external examination or for non hazardous filtrate, spigots can be used.

Our recessed filter plates are correctly design, necessary for economic operation and short process time. They are single piece moulding which prevents the problem of cracking, leakage and corrosion. The polypropylene light weight and trouble free construction provide easy handling of the plates. The Piped-Capsules as well slotted grooved drainage design in the plate provides excellent support to the filter cloth and allows filtrate to discharge along the base of the plate with the least resistance. Piped drainage designs enhance filtration and washing efficiency. These plates are available with centre, top, bottom and corner feed designs and operated up to 8 or 16 bar pressure.

 SIZE (mm)  
250 320
400 470 500 600 630 800 915 1000 1200 1246 1300 1500 15×20
Open Configuration
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Top Hole
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Central Hole
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Bottom Hole
Closed Configuration
StayBoss : 4 on Both Side
Feeding: From Top Hole , Central Hole , Bottom Hole
StayBoss : 6 on Both Side
Feeding: From Top Hole
StayBoss : 0 on Both Side
Feeding: From Corner Hole
StayBoss: 0 or 1 on Both Side
Feeding: From External Top Central Hole
  Regular Production ( Moulding Version )
  Production On Request ( Machined Version )